Homosexuality may finally be declassified as a mental illness


The World Health Organization is considering a change that could help millions of people who are wrongfully told that they’re sick, simply because they are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

The WHO oversees the International Classification of Diseases, the most widely used diagnostic reference book in modern medicine, even more so than the DSM. Now, a WHO panel has recommended that a code describing five homosexuality-related psychological disorders” be removed from the book.

The disorders include sexual maturation, which according to Science is “when uncertainty about sexual orientation makes a person depressed or anxious.” UCLA epidemiologist Susan Cochran told Underwood that this classification is rooted in Freudian theory and views “homosexuality” as merely an “immature” state of sexual development,  rather than it’s own orientation. But under the classification, a lesbian teenager could find herself labeled mentally ill, merely because she is “grappling with conflicting or confusing sexual desires.”

Cochran led the WHO panel that looked over decades of epidemiological and psychological studies on sexual orientation and mental health. Their report summary: “It is not justifiable from a clinical, public health or research perspective for a diagnostic classification to be based on sexual orientation.”

The group recommended that all sexual orientation classifications be eliminated from the ICD both because they “lack scientific basis or clinical utility,” but also because, as Cochran told Science, it’s a  ”human rights issue.”

The suggestion still faces several rounds of review and a vote by ministers of health from more than 170 countries. Other officials have noted that while they expect huge pushback from countries where homosexuality is still a crime, the harsh conditions faced by LGBT people in those countries proves that now’s the time to take this statement off the books for good. 

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"You cannot use someone else’s fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it."

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Jackson Fisch - Peter Coulson Photography 


Jackson Fisch - Peter Coulson Photography 

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Today at Oh Joy, Sex Toy, I cover one of my most favorite topics: How to Eat Pussy.

My two most favorite things to draw are sea creatures and genitals. So this comic was basically Christmas for me.


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Developing a genderqueer aesthetic. One thing that being in Seattle allows me to explore further is further going away from the binary. But even i have to admit to having wanted to shave for optimal comfort— that couldn’t be the reason for not leaving the house, but ya know.

So i took this little look out to a poetry show and it felt really grand to be so comfy.

Everything but the boots and the bracelet belong to my mother or i should say are in the shared clothing fund. Oh and she constructed the look as well. So i guess you get it from where you come from.

Future note: don’t take photos after you come back from being out (and a glass of wine)— energy levels and lighting will just be ever so much lower.

Other note: the skirt is as old as i am— that’s rather nifty.

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drying chamomile from my garden

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